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Getting the most out of your Intel GMA experience

Getting the most out of your Intel GMA experience

It’s no secret that Intel GMA is… well, crap (to put it mildly), right? It’s really barely capable playing any good games, especially if you’re running the older series of the card, such as the X3100, x4500, GMA 950 or anything else for that matter. And even then anything that pre-dates the HD 3000 has some serious difficulties running any of the most current games. Of course Intel made sure that it’s capable of HD video playback, but is that really enough?

Well, fear not! Today we are going to look at how you can go the extra mile and squeeze a bit more out of your good old Intel GMA.

Tweaking your chip with GMA Booster

If you’re running the old Intel GMA 900 or Intel GMA 950, you can use a tool called GMA Booster. What’s this GMA Booster you’re talking about, you may think. The GMA Booster defines itself as “the first performance boost solution for Intel® [GMA]“. It offers you of up to 2.4x processing power on your GMA chip, which will give you a visible boost on the FPS and graphics quality.

You can download the software here. Unfortunately if you’re an X3100 or X4500 user, you’re out of luck. However, there is some development going on on those particular chipsets as well, so don’t be too disappointed as you may see something coming out 

Keeping only what’s really needed with Game Booster

Game Booster

Another method to boost your performance is to use the software named Game Booster. Some people argue that it barely increases the performance, while others say they feel a significant improvement in their gaming and/or video watching experience.

What Game Booster really does is turn off the unnecessary crap that your computer does not need when running a game, such as the Themes service or the explorer frame. Unless you like to alt-tab out of your games every so often to check your Facebook or email.

You may have to tweak the settings a bit to find the best ones for a particular game or just the best settings for your machine in general. Don’t be afraid of messing something up with your computer when looking for the best settings. There’s nothing better than a bit of trial and error when learning things like this.

You can download Game Booster here.

Updating and tweaking the Intel GMA drivers

Intel HD Graphics Settings

I almost forgot the last thing. The Intel GMA driver. Is yours up to date? Make sure it is by going here. That may give you a boost in performance as well. Also, you should remember to check out the Intel GMA settings, if you already haven’t. Make sure everything there is set to high performance. Meaning you should go to 3D settings and set the slider to Performance, or somewhere in the middle.

The way I cope with my Intel GMA HD (yes I am of the few unfortunate ones who are stuck with the GMA as well), is that I’ve set the settings to custom. Again, a bit of trial and error should let you what works for your computer best. Using the best performance settings may result in badly drawn textures, but if you really want to play Diablo III (oh yes, it’s possible to run it on the GMA) or any other resource heavy game, you may consider it as an option.

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