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Windows 8 from Windows 7 – The Greatest Improvement Ever Experienced

Windows 8 from Windows 7 – The Greatest Improvement Ever Experienced

Windows 8 operating system is the most talked-about matter in the recent times. The newly designed Startup screen and Modern UI are the most alluring features of this new launch from Microsoft. Besides this revamped interface, Windows 8 offers you much more than the previous operating systems. A lot of improvements have taken place with this modern operating system. It has better multiple monitor settings, syncing of cloud-based accounts, new ways of personalizing the desktop and so on.

Want to know about the various improvements that this operating system can bring to your PC? Here you are…

Account syncing

Windows 8 OS can sync an account setting in a number of PCs. This saves you both trouble and time of customizing the Windows environment. You do not have to manually set it up every time in new PC systems. What functions can you perform with the help of this feature? You can sync –

  • Desktop background and themes
  • Account pictures
  • Browser history
  • Lock screen
  • HomeGroup setting
  • Modern UI application setup
  • Favorites
  • Passwords and so on.

All you need to have for this syncing is a Microsoft account having connection to each of the PC systems with Windows 8 OS.


Social networking is an important feature of the Modern UI of Windows 8. With this, you can share items among all the Modern UI apps. This functionality enables you to share various items like photos, links through Mail, or post items to the popular social networking sites through People app. Isn’t the task becomes easier with Windows 8 OS in your PC?

Enhanced multiple-monitors settings

With regard to multi-monitor settings, Windows 8 has shown a lot of improvement. In separate computers you will have separate backgrounds and taskbars on the same desktop interface. With the help of the inside-edge detection, you can access Running Apps and Charm bar from any of the displays. Windows 7, in comparison to this, can perform only one task at a time – it can either show the same display in multiple monitors or can only mirror the displays.

Novel dialog box to copy files

Copying files is so easy with this new operating system. Instead of handling a number of windows, the novel version of Windows Explorer in Windows 8 allows you to copy all the files in one window. You do not have to jump from one window to another. Another great facility of Windows 8 is you can stop or pause the copying job in this operating system. Windows 7 do not allow you to do so.

Together with this, Windows 8 also enables you to manage file-name collision with ease and acquire greater knowledge about copying job like the speed with which the data can be transferred and the time estimation for the entire process.

Picture password

Are you tired of using the alphanumeric passwords? Here is a change for you – Windows 8 gives support for picture passwords.

Great advancement is now ready for you to experience…

Author’s Bio: Anthony Clark is a business entrepreneur. He uses the latest OS for his PC and is highly impressed by the developments this operating system has brought about. He conducts a research on the different kinds of Windows operating system support to run his PC smoothly.

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