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VPlayer – All About the Android App

Nowadays, people use their Android device for all kinds of activities. Mode of entertainment is also slowly shifting from PC and Television to Android since the latest devices have high-resolution screens. However, situations may arise when the default video player that comes with our Android device is not enough to run your favorite movie that you downloaded in mkv or m2ts format.

 In such situations, we need a decent player that is able to run all of your desired audio and video files. Talking about players, have you used VPlayer? In this article, we shall discuss whether VPlayer is the one app you are looking for that supports all your desired media formats.

Features of VPlayer

Developed by AppSalad, VPlayer APK for Android is a not so well known video player for playing movies and other video files in your Android. Just like VLC, the app supports all kinds of video and audio files. Before getting into the advantages and disadvantages, let’s take a look at what this player is capable of.

  • The app supports all video formats that are currently popular like mp4, WMV, mpg, MPEG, mkv, avi, m4v, asf, m3u, m2ts, m3u8 and many more.
  • All common audio formats like mp3, Ogg, WMA as well as wav are supported by it.
  • The library scanning feature is faster when compared to other apps. It quickly scans your mobile and helps you to manage your videos more efficiently.
  • With a unique file browsing system, you can use the app and easily find what you are looking for from your device.
  • The player automatically adjusts the video to support the device’s aspect ratio apart from supporting autorotation.
  • You can use gesture control to adjust volume and brightness. Now, this feature is not there in all devices.
  • You can multi-track subtitles and audio files.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Let’s take a look at the advantages first.

  • The app is multi-functional. Instead of depending on multiple players, you can use a single one to play both audios and videos.
  • The controls and library features are simple and easier to remember.
  • For ensuring that it supports your desired file format, you do not require any additional codec or plugin.

When it comes to disadvantages, well, the app is quite new and a lot of things are needed to update before it becomes perfect.

  • Users have reported that the app often crashes.
  • The app is not able to handle large file formats.
  • There is no fullscreen mode. You will always find a notification bar.
  • Ads are an irritating thing. Especially when it comes to a video player, and this player comes with some ads with no option to block.
  • Responsiveness is an important issue to look out for since the app behaves differently in different devices and resolution.

Well, based on our testing and user reviews, we can conclude that if you want an all in one app that can uninterruptedly play all your desired audio and video files, VLC should be your primary choice. Although VPlayer has a lot of promising features, the developers need to release some updates pretty soon that fixes the user’s complaints.

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