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[GALLERY] Windows 8 PRO Home Screen & Menu

[GALLERY] Windows 8 PRO Home Screen & Menu

Hey! Have you upgrade your PC to Windows 8? Or do you want to see how Windows 8 looks like? Hmm, you must see the screenshots below  😉

  •  HomeScreen
  • PC Setting

We can change lock screen’s wallpaper, theme color, notification setting, and much more!

  •  Menu

Move cursor to left and you will see opening tab. On right, you will see setting,search, and clock + date.

If you want to open an app, just type the name on homescreen. Sooooo easy! 

I upgraded my Windows only for $40 last week. And I love it so much! It’s really looks like same with windows phone 8. I installed on my Lenovo Ideapad B310 touchscreen, so it feels like I have Microsoft surface with bigger screen XD

Si, I’ll be back with another gallery series of Windows 8. I’ll bring you screenshot of some main features like social, people, store, etc.

How do you think about Windows 8? Please tell me on comment session bellow

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