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Top 10 business utility apps on iPhone

Top 10 business utility apps on iPhone

An iPhone without any interesting apps is like a body without a soul. What makes an iPhone stand out are the unique and multiple apps on it which are useful for just every person in their unique way and which not only help students study but also makes future careers. The people who use the phone the most are business men so let’s see which apps help them function in the proper way.

10. At number ten we have none other than the unlock screen notifications in which you have a check to do list on your iPhone which makes your screen bright with a list and all this happens without even opening your screenlock! So whether it’s just a reminder to get a cup of coffee for the boss or a huge meeting the unlock screen notification makes sure that all your tasks are completed on time and in an instant for just $0.99 only.

9. Next up is an app called file viewing. Well, as the name suggests this app helps you view basically any file over the internet on your very own iPhone, it supports PDF files, word documents and spreadsheets, excel and even PowerPoint presentations with images and media. This app would help view any file on your iPhone, so, wherever you are you do not need to worry about logging onto your computer just to see your file and this is only for $0.99.

8. At number 8 we have the very famous offline browsing app, which as the name suggests helps you view web pages offline without the use of the internet so if you have to travel in the outskirts and still view your rival’s website to read up stuff, we suggest that this is the app you’re looking for. This app also comes at $0.99.

7. Now running your own business is no funny stuff and at times you come across things you have no idea off, so at those times what do we use? Why it’s none other than the Universal searching in which you get the most precise results ever no matter what you’re searching. This app makes your research more refine and brings up material which Google would just take centuries to do. This app is also for 99 cents.

6. Another app which made it to the top is the email template. If you’re running a business you need to be active over the internet all the time and you need to make sure that you email certain clients almost daily. So, what helps you to do that? Well it’s none other than the Mail Quick in which all you need to do is open the template, check your favorite email contacts and viola there you have it in just two clicks your email is sent and received by your client. Its fast, its easy and its fun for just 99 cents only.

5. At number five we have none other than the USB Disk. It is an app which lets you store your documents and presentations in your phone and basically makes your phone your very own USB. So whether you’re on the plane for a business meeting or in the car assessing your work, with USB Disk you can view your documents anywhere and anytime. This app also comes in 99 cents.

4. Well this is an app which is famous everywhere and almost every other phone has it, why it’s none other than Viber. Viber is an app which basically helps you make free calls through the internet without any ads, sms or interruptions, so, download Viber right away and make your phone call meetings over the phone for free. Just for $0.99.

3. Teamviewer is an app like no other in which helps you control your desktop from just about anywhere just with the help of your iPhone, so, if you’re away for a weekend but still want to keep an eye on your office desktop, this app right here is just the answer and the best part about the app is that it is free on the app store, so enjoy folks.

2. Skype is a video conferencing messenger almost used by every other person out there and life without Skype now just seems impossible. So now download your very own Skype messenger and Skype away with your foreign clients. Skype helps businessmen especially, to set up their board meetings and basically helps people get closer. Skype comes for $0.99 on the iPhone.

1. Now its time for the app we’ve all been waiting for, so who snagged away the first spot in our list? Why, it’s none other than the TrueLocal. TrueLocal helps you locate just about any location in a certain area be it petrol stations, hotels or just entire multi national buildings, so for all those business men who travel a lot this might just be the app for you with a very low price on the app store.

So this was our countdown to the top 10 business utility apps on the iPhone, hope you liked them for any suggestions and comments please feel free to comment below.

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