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Weekly Link Roundup #5

Weekly Link Roundup #5

There was a debate going on whether we should really publish a weekly link roundup this week, due to tight schedules in our lives and some rework going on over at DFG. However, the decision has been made and here are the links we have enjoyed this week.

Down for Everyone or Just Me?

An awesome website to know whether your internet service provider is just pulling your leg, or is the website you are trying to reach actually offline.

Notebook Check

Single best website for laptop comparison as wall as all of their components you may think of. Quality information on hardware, including various graphs and comments from people as well.

Two Food

This is a useful website for all you foodies who like to track your calories and whatever else you may find useful about certain products. What this basically does is it compares two foods and outputs whatever you may need to know about them.

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