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Proview Tech Owns The Name “iPad”

Many of you probably have never heard of this firm called Shenzhen Proview Technology from China, but you will now. It’s currently in a huge legal battle with Apple claiming they own the copyright to the name, “iPad”.

This company apparently registered the iPad trademark in China back in 2001. Apple bought the rights to the name from a Taiwan company affiliated with Proview, but now this company says it still owns the name in China.

A Chinese court has already rejected Apple’s claim to the name, and now the famous iPad is being pulled from the shelves in one city. Proview wants 30 other cities to follow suit. This would certainly be a huge blow to Apple losing such a huge market. Apple products in China are also considered as highstatus symbol.

It’s not a surprise that Proview is doing everything it can to give Apple such a hard time. Chinese media reported Shenzhen Proview Technology is in huge debt and is on the path to bankruptcy. This is really their lifeline, their last hope for survival as Apple could potentially pay out a tonne of cash to settle this.

Honestly, China is notorious for copyright infringements so it really is ironic that they are now defending their rights.

I think it is quite unfair to Apple back in all, all Apple products are manufactured in China – therefore Apple is actually doing the Chinese a favour providing jobs in China. The Chinese government also failed to tackle copyrights issues voiced by western companiescompany affiliatedso the unjust in this is just unacceptable.

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