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Sony Ericsson ICS 4.0.3 Xperia Play ROM Leaked!

Sony ericsson Xperia PLAY ICS

Recently, an Ice Cream Sandwich Android ROM was leaked for the Xperia Play and using it myself, it seems to be very stable with most features working. Hats off to Sony Ericsson for quick development on this device.

First of all, from playing about with the ROM for ten minutes I can tell you there are a few bugs, just after booting your phone you will find com.android.phone and Keypad force close, but after 9-10 force closes, it no longer happens.

I don’t quite know if data works, because I haven’t topped up yet this month, however, I have signal and made a test call and it works. Texting should work flawlessly too.Camera also doesn’t work, upon opening the Camera application you get the error “cannot connect to camera”.Adding APN’s doesn’t work for me (sim related maybe?) as when I open the APN option in the settings app the app force closes.

As this The camera, it was not intended to fall into our hands unlike the official alpha ICS release preview (yes, official!), so I say so good. Sony Ericsson seem to have done this in a timely manner, and should be well ahead of their schedule, they gave us an ETA of March 2012.

I might be using this as the base for the ICS version of DarkforestROM for the Xperia Play, that is if a newer version is not leaked or released.

This ROM is packed by DooMLorD, and requires an ICS RAMDISK, so you will have to flash his kernel too.

Use the command:

fastboot flash boot boot.img

to flash the kernel and to flash the ROM, use ClockworkMod Recovery

Download links:

ROM – flash in recovery

Kernel – DooMKernel for ICS – flash using fast boot

You might need to flash this if data does not work – flash in recovery.

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