Samsung ChatON is like BlackBerry Messenger, but unlike BBM, ChatON is available on BBOS, Android, iOS and Bada, and was released by Samsung to provide a free communications service across all three systems, so no matter what smartphone you use, you can use ChatON by Samsung. ChatON requires you to have a working internet connection on your phone to send and receive push messages, this is the method of communication that is used by the application.

The first time you open ChatON, you will be prompted to get activated and what you do is enter your phone number, they send you the activation code, then you enter it. After entering the activation code your ChatON service is now active, and your contact number on ChatON is the same number as your phone number, meaning that you only have to remember one number, how handy is that?

With Samsung ChatON, you can send text messages to other ChatON members as long as you have their phone number. ChatON is much like BlackBerry Messenger and operates in the same way, however, Samsung’s service has many more feaures, you can personalize the layout, send pictures, you name it.

ChatON is made for MDPI phones (see the Android Specification) so it is only listed on the Android Market for MDPI+ phones. If you happened to have an old LDPI device like my HTC Wildfire, you can download it from a third party site.

The latest version is 1.5.1, so searching “ChatON 1.5.1” should get you a QR code link which you can scan to download on your phone.