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3 Tips on Getting the Most out of Your HD TV

3 Tips on Getting the Most out of Your HD TV

If you’ve just finished setting up your brand new HD TV after a long day of shopping searching for the perfect model, then good for you! Buying a HD TV is no easy task, especially if you have no idea what you’re looking for, so give yourself a pat on the back for managing it. Anyways, enough of the self congratulatory acts, back to the TV. I hope that with your new HD TV you bought some HD enabled devices such as a blu ray player or a HD TV receiver and you’re not just sitting there watching standard definition TV. Hmm, I bet you didn’t buy anything, not to worry because here are 3 tips on getting the most out of your HD TV.

Blu Ray Player

As I mentioned above, a Blu Ray player is one of the top things that should sit next to your HD TV. Watching a film in Blu-Ray (especially an animated film) will have your eyes popping out of your skull. The difference in video and audio compared to a standard DVD is staggering, the colours are much more vibrant and the sounds will have you bouncing in your seat with excitement.  I understand that your HD TV cost a rather big chunk of money and you’re too keen on the idea of spending more but you’ll be surprised how cheap you can pick these Blu Ray Players up for.

Pop into your local technology store or look on the internet and you’ll find a decent model for around £60 and then all you’ll need is a cheap HDMI cable and you’re away!

Wall Mounting

Go back 10 years and you’ll laugh if someone said to you “You should put your TV on the wall!” With the weight of CRT TV’s back then, your house would most likely fall down. But now, with HD TV’s being extremely light and thin, it’s very common to have your TV mounted on the wall. There are many benefits with having a wall mounted TV such as extra floor space, looks nice and can provide a better viewing angle for people in the room. It’s not hard to mount your TV either, you can find a decent wall bracket for around £40, but it’s probably worth paying a little extra as you don’t want to see your TV drop to the floor whilst your jumping around playing Just Dance on your Xbox.

If you don’t know what you’re doing when mounting a TV, then it’s probably worth getting someone who does to do it for you as you don’t want an endless amount of holes drilled into your wall.

HD Gaming

Playing games on a HD TV is brilliant, especially games like Call of Duty or Fifa. If you have an Xbox 360 or a PS3 then hook it up (with a cheap hdmi cable not RGB!) and be amazed by all the extra details you hadn’t noticed before. If you don’t have a console already and you’re thinking about buying one, then have a good look at the PS3 as it’s also a Blu Ray player and you know how great they are!

So there you have it, now go off and do all the things I said and you will love your HD TV even more. There are many more things you can do to make your HD experience that whole much better, so do a quick Google search and see what comes up!

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Windows 8 from Windows 7 – The Greatest Improvement Ever Experienced

Windows 8 from Windows 7 – The Greatest Improvement Ever Experienced

Windows 8 operating system is the most talked-about matter in the recent times. The newly designed Startup screen and Modern UI are the most alluring features of this new launch from Microsoft. Besides this revamped interface, Windows 8 offers you much more than the previous operating systems. A lot of improvements have taken place with this modern operating system. It has better multiple monitor settings, syncing of cloud-based accounts, new ways of personalizing the desktop and so on.

Want to know about the various improvements that this operating system can bring to your PC? Here you are…

Account syncing

Windows 8 OS can sync an account setting in a number of PCs. This saves you both trouble and time of customizing the Windows environment. You do not have to manually set it up every time in new PC systems. What functions can you perform with the help of this feature? You can sync –

  • Desktop background and themes
  • Account pictures
  • Browser history
  • Lock screen
  • HomeGroup setting
  • Modern UI application setup
  • Favorites
  • Passwords and so on.

All you need to have for this syncing is a Microsoft account having connection to each of the PC systems with Windows 8 OS.


Social networking is an important feature of the Modern UI of Windows 8. With this, you can share items among all the Modern UI apps. This functionality enables you to share various items like photos, links through Mail, or post items to the popular social networking sites through People app. Isn’t the task becomes easier with Windows 8 OS in your PC?

Enhanced multiple-monitors settings

With regard to multi-monitor settings, Windows 8 has shown a lot of improvement. In separate computers you will have separate backgrounds and taskbars on the same desktop interface. With the help of the inside-edge detection, you can access Running Apps and Charm bar from any of the displays. Windows 7, in comparison to this, can perform only one task at a time – it can either show the same display in multiple monitors or can only mirror the displays.

Novel dialog box to copy files

Copying files is so easy with this new operating system. Instead of handling a number of windows, the novel version of Windows Explorer in Windows 8 allows you to copy all the files in one window. You do not have to jump from one window to another. Another great facility of Windows 8 is you can stop or pause the copying job in this operating system. Windows 7 do not allow you to do so.

Together with this, Windows 8 also enables you to manage file-name collision with ease and acquire greater knowledge about copying job like the speed with which the data can be transferred and the time estimation for the entire process.

Picture password

Are you tired of using the alphanumeric passwords? Here is a change for you – Windows 8 gives support for picture passwords.

Great advancement is now ready for you to experience…

Author’s Bio: Anthony Clark is a business entrepreneur. He uses the latest OS for his PC and is highly impressed by the developments this operating system has brought about. He conducts a research on the different kinds of Windows operating system support to run his PC smoothly.

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Wolla! Photo Filter on Twitter Android & iOS Now!

Wolla! Photo Filter on Twitter Android & iOS Now!

 Yeah, after the ‘break-up’ with Instagram, Twitter launch their own photo filters on Twitter for Android & iOS now. And they put editing tools like auto-enhance, crop & zoom. Just upgrade your twitter app to the newest one from Google Play / App Store.

I’ve tried, and it’s cool to have photo filter on twitter app. Example:

You can’t expect more (if u comparing it with instagram) with recently photo filters on Twitter. They have:

  • Vignette
  • Black & White
  • Warm
  • Cool
  • Vintage
  • Cinematic
  • Happy
  • Gritty

Hopefully, Twitter will be a  Twitter, not becoming a photography app 

For more info. visit the announcement on their blog.

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VPlayer – All About the Android App

Nowadays, people use their Android device for all kinds of activities. Mode of entertainment is also slowly shifting from PC and Television to Android since the latest devices have high-resolution screens. However, situations may arise when the default video player that comes with our Android device is not enough to run your favorite movie that you downloaded in mkv or m2ts format.

 In such situations, we need a decent player that is able to run all of your desired audio and video files. Talking about players, have you used VPlayer? In this article, we shall discuss whether VPlayer is the one app you are looking for that supports all your desired media formats.

Features of VPlayer

Developed by AppSalad, VPlayer APK for Android is a not so well known video player for playing movies and other video files in your Android. Just like VLC, the app supports all kinds of video and audio files. Before getting into the advantages and disadvantages, let’s take a look at what this player is capable of.

  • The app supports all video formats that are currently popular like mp4, WMV, mpg, MPEG, mkv, avi, m4v, asf, m3u, m2ts, m3u8 and many more.
  • All common audio formats like mp3, Ogg, WMA as well as wav are supported by it.
  • The library scanning feature is faster when compared to other apps. It quickly scans your mobile and helps you to manage your videos more efficiently.
  • With a unique file browsing system, you can use the app and easily find what you are looking for from your device.
  • The player automatically adjusts the video to support the device’s aspect ratio apart from supporting autorotation.
  • You can use gesture control to adjust volume and brightness. Now, this feature is not there in all devices.
  • You can multi-track subtitles and audio files.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Let’s take a look at the advantages first.

  • The app is multi-functional. Instead of depending on multiple players, you can use a single one to play both audios and videos.
  • The controls and library features are simple and easier to remember.
  • For ensuring that it supports your desired file format, you do not require any additional codec or plugin.

When it comes to disadvantages, well, the app is quite new and a lot of things are needed to update before it becomes perfect.

  • Users have reported that the app often crashes.
  • The app is not able to handle large file formats.
  • There is no fullscreen mode. You will always find a notification bar.
  • Ads are an irritating thing. Especially when it comes to a video player, and this player comes with some ads with no option to block.
  • Responsiveness is an important issue to look out for since the app behaves differently in different devices and resolution.

Well, based on our testing and user reviews, we can conclude that if you want an all in one app that can uninterruptedly play all your desired audio and video files, VLC should be your primary choice. Although VPlayer has a lot of promising features, the developers need to release some updates pretty soon that fixes the user’s complaints.

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[GALLERY] Windows 8 PRO Home Screen & Menu

[GALLERY] Windows 8 PRO Home Screen & Menu

Hey! Have you upgrade your PC to Windows 8? Or do you want to see how Windows 8 looks like? Hmm, you must see the screenshots below  😉

  •  HomeScreen
  • PC Setting

We can change lock screen’s wallpaper, theme color, notification setting, and much more!

  •  Menu

Move cursor to left and you will see opening tab. On right, you will see setting,search, and clock + date.

If you want to open an app, just type the name on homescreen. Sooooo easy! 

I upgraded my Windows only for $40 last week. And I love it so much! It’s really looks like same with windows phone 8. I installed on my Lenovo Ideapad B310 touchscreen, so it feels like I have Microsoft surface with bigger screen XD

Si, I’ll be back with another gallery series of Windows 8. I’ll bring you screenshot of some main features like social, people, store, etc.

How do you think about Windows 8? Please tell me on comment session bellow

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Top 10 business utility apps on iPhone

Top 10 business utility apps on iPhone

An iPhone without any interesting apps is like a body without a soul. What makes an iPhone stand out are the unique and multiple apps on it which are useful for just every person in their unique way and which not only help students study but also makes future careers. The people who use the phone the most are business men so let’s see which apps help them function in the proper way.

10. At number ten we have none other than the unlock screen notifications in which you have a check to do list on your iPhone which makes your screen bright with a list and all this happens without even opening your screenlock! So whether it’s just a reminder to get a cup of coffee for the boss or a huge meeting the unlock screen notification makes sure that all your tasks are completed on time and in an instant for just $0.99 only.

9. Next up is an app called file viewing. Well, as the name suggests this app helps you view basically any file over the internet on your very own iPhone, it supports PDF files, word documents and spreadsheets, excel and even PowerPoint presentations with images and media. This app would help view any file on your iPhone, so, wherever you are you do not need to worry about logging onto your computer just to see your file and this is only for $0.99.

8. At number 8 we have the very famous offline browsing app, which as the name suggests helps you view web pages offline without the use of the internet so if you have to travel in the outskirts and still view your rival’s website to read up stuff, we suggest that this is the app you’re looking for. This app also comes at $0.99.

7. Now running your own business is no funny stuff and at times you come across things you have no idea off, so at those times what do we use? Why it’s none other than the Universal searching in which you get the most precise results ever no matter what you’re searching. This app makes your research more refine and brings up material which Google would just take centuries to do. This app is also for 99 cents.

6. Another app which made it to the top is the email template. If you’re running a business you need to be active over the internet all the time and you need to make sure that you email certain clients almost daily. So, what helps you to do that? Well it’s none other than the Mail Quick in which all you need to do is open the template, check your favorite email contacts and viola there you have it in just two clicks your email is sent and received by your client. Its fast, its easy and its fun for just 99 cents only.

5. At number five we have none other than the USB Disk. It is an app which lets you store your documents and presentations in your phone and basically makes your phone your very own USB. So whether you’re on the plane for a business meeting or in the car assessing your work, with USB Disk you can view your documents anywhere and anytime. This app also comes in 99 cents.

4. Well this is an app which is famous everywhere and almost every other phone has it, why it’s none other than Viber. Viber is an app which basically helps you make free calls through the internet without any ads, sms or interruptions, so, download Viber right away and make your phone call meetings over the phone for free. Just for $0.99.

3. Teamviewer is an app like no other in which helps you control your desktop from just about anywhere just with the help of your iPhone, so, if you’re away for a weekend but still want to keep an eye on your office desktop, this app right here is just the answer and the best part about the app is that it is free on the app store, so enjoy folks.

2. Skype is a video conferencing messenger almost used by every other person out there and life without Skype now just seems impossible. So now download your very own Skype messenger and Skype away with your foreign clients. Skype helps businessmen especially, to set up their board meetings and basically helps people get closer. Skype comes for $0.99 on the iPhone.

1. Now its time for the app we’ve all been waiting for, so who snagged away the first spot in our list? Why, it’s none other than the TrueLocal. TrueLocal helps you locate just about any location in a certain area be it petrol stations, hotels or just entire multi national buildings, so for all those business men who travel a lot this might just be the app for you with a very low price on the app store.

So this was our countdown to the top 10 business utility apps on the iPhone, hope you liked them for any suggestions and comments please feel free to comment below.

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Instagram Web Profile – Newest Official Way to Explore Instagram Profile

Instagram Web Profile � Newest Official Way to Explore Instagram Profile

 Instagram just launched info about Instagram web profile on their blog. This means we can access our Instagram profile or exploring Instagram photos via web also, not via mobile app only. yeay

Just type your or someone username after www.instagram.com/. example: www.instagram/meth

  • We can edit our profile, change password, manage application, or delete account.
  • The header looks like cover photo on Facebook ( no wonder since Instagram been acquired by Facebook ) but with slide show gallery.
  • We can add comment and like the photo.
  • I can’t see /click my following and follower list.

And yeah, it reminds me of Molome who has web profile feature long before Instagram 

Share your instagram web profile on comment session, will follow yours   

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REVIEW: Tweetian – Twitter App for Symbian & MeeGo

REVIEW: Tweetian – Twitter App for Symbian & MeeGo

Are You looking a Twitter app for Your MeeGo / Symbian phone? I suggest u my favorite Twitter client: Tweetian

I love using Tweetian on my Nokia N9. Tweetian has smooth & light UI and complete features. You can swipe left/right from timeline tab to mention / DM tab and vice versa

Tweetian has :

  • auto complete username and hastag
  • two themes : Dark & Light
  • Font size : Small & Large ( i choose large  )
  • Twitlonger

And it has Mute option now! if You feel disturbed by some word or an user tweeting tooooo much, just mute them for a while. Simply add the keyword or the username on Setting – Mute.

Do you have your own favorite twitter client for your phone? Just tell us on the comment section below and I will share about another Twitter client  on next time

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Weekly Link Roundup #5

Weekly Link Roundup #5

There was a debate going on whether we should really publish a weekly link roundup this week, due to tight schedules in our lives and some rework going on over at DFG. However, the decision has been made and here are the links we have enjoyed this week.

Down for Everyone or Just Me?

An awesome website to know whether your internet service provider is just pulling your leg, or is the website you are trying to reach actually offline.

Notebook Check

Single best website for laptop comparison as wall as all of their components you may think of. Quality information on hardware, including various graphs and comments from people as well.

Two Food

This is a useful website for all you foodies who like to track your calories and whatever else you may find useful about certain products. What this basically does is it compares two foods and outputs whatever you may need to know about them.

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How to Use Google Search – Tips for Student Research

How to Use Google Search – Tips for Student Research

Despite being the most popular and one of the most visited websites on the almighty Internet, Google can still prove itself to be quite complex to use. This is especially frustrating when you need more than just finding funny cat pictures or some awesome HD wallpapers.

Whether you know it or not, Google has its own special “code” for searching and if you learn to master it, then you can proudly tell everyone that you know how to use Google search. Today we are going to look at an infographic that will teach you how to use Google.

How to use Google
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